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Eliminating plastic waste from our oceans

Covering around 71% of our Earth’s surface, the ocean is a magical, mysterious place. Home to incredible creatures, stories that have shaped our history and so much that we’ve yet to discover. But, beneath the blue, it’s under threat.

At Extrême, we’re committed to protecting our seas. That’s why we have a zero plastic lid policy, to ensure no single-use plastic lids from Extrême ever find their way into the ocean. And through our partnerships, we’re helping to restore vital parts of the marine ecosystem.

Due to pollution and human activity, coral reefs are currently in danger. We can change that.

Tackling Ocean Plastics

As part of its dedication to sustainability, Extrȇme has removed all plastic lids from its packaging and is only using recyclable paper cartons whilst also working towards recyclable sleeves.

Protecting coral reefs worldwide with Coral Guardian

Coral reefs are crucial to our ocean’s health, home to 25% of marine species. Not only that, but they also play an important role in protecting our coastlines, attracting tourism and unlocking advances in medical science. As more of these beautiful reefs continue to die, it’s vital we care for these endangered ecosystems now, not later.

We’re proud to partner with the amazing marine conservation group, Coral Guardian, to help restore these rainforests of the sea. We hope that, together, we can make a real difference to the coral reef ecosystem and the oceans they call home.

Coral Guardian has been restoring colour to our oceans since 2012. Empowering local communities and raising awareness of coral reefs around the world.

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